University of St. Thomas: The Forum on Workplace Inclusion - Day 3 Keynote

    Published on May 25, 2016

    The Forum was thrilled to have Bill George as our closing speaker on Day 3. Former Chairman and CEO of Medtronic, Senior Fellow at the Harvard Business School, and author of Discover Your True North, Bill discusses finding your own True North – the internal compass that sets one on a path toward their fullest potential as a leader. ... Read more

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    • University of St. Thomas: The Forum on Workplace Inclusion - Day 3 Keynote

      Published on May 25, 2016

      The Forum was thrilled to have Bill George as our closing speaker on Day 3. Former Chairman and CEO of Medtronic, Senior Fellow at the Harvard Business School, and author of Discover Your True North, Bill discusses finding your own True North – the internal compass that sets one on a path toward their fullest potential as a leader.

    • Authentic Leadership

      Published on May 16, 2016

      From the time of the Greek philosophers, to the time of Shakespeare, and until Bill George wrote his book in 2003, people have been amazed at how authenticity became a revered trait of great leaders. In Shakespeare’s Hamlet, Polonius said, “To thy own self be true.”

    • Meet Health Care's Major Spoilers: Theranos, Valeant, and Turing Pharmaceuticals

      Published on May 10, 2016

      Health care companies face challenging times as they adapt to the Affordable Care Act (ACA) while still delivering for customers and shareholders. Most companies have navigated these fast-changing times well. But three bad actors – former Turing CEO Martin Shkreli, former Valeant CEO Michael Pearson, and Theranos’ Elizabeth Holmes – threaten to drag down the legitimate companies.

    • CNBC: Bill George Discusses Tim Cook's Credibility

      Published on April 27, 2016

      CNBC Contributor Bill George, Senior Fellow at Harvard Business School and Fmr. Medtronic Chairman, and Vivek Wadhwa, Fellow at the Rock Center for Corporate... View the original video on CNBC.

    • Fortune: What’s Your Life Goal? Success or Significance?

      Published on April 27, 2016

      Earning money and having power over others are easy ways to gauge success. But they’re also limited.

    • CNBC: Bill George on VW: This is the price you pay

      Published on April 20, 2016

      Bill George, CNBC Contributor and former Medtronic Chairman & CEO, discusses Volkswagen's compensation agreement with the U.S. government over the diesel emissions scandal.

    • CNBC: Bill George's tax code solutions

      Published on April 14, 2016

      Discussing the problems with corporate tax inversions, with Bill George, former Medtronic CEO, and Jared Bernstein, Center on Budget and Policy Priorities.

    • CNBC: Theranos Under Fire

      Published on April 14, 2016

      After the WSJ reported regulators are considering banning Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes from owning or running any labs for at least two years, Jeffrey Sonnenfeld, Yale School Management; Bill George, Harvard Business School; and Les Funtleyder, ESquared portfolio manager, discuss Theranos.

    • CNBC: The War On Business

      Published on April 7, 2016

      Discussing making America more competitive, as well as the presidential candidates, with Former Medtronic CEO Bill George and Wilbur Ross, WL Ross & Co. Chairman and CEO.

    • CNBC: Bill George on Iger succession: I'm perplexed

      Published on April 5, 2016

      Bill George, CNBC Contributor, Senior Fellow at Harvard Business School and former Medtronic Chairman, discusses Disney's succession plan shakeup.

    • Fortune: The Leadership Quality that Truly Separates Disney's Bob Iger From his Peers

      Published on April 4, 2016

      Iger isn’t the only leader at Disney inspiring creativity. Disney subsidiary Pixar has two of the world’s finest innovation leaders in Ed Catmull and John Lasseter. Thanks to their leadership, Pixar has created the 12 most successful animated films of all time, including the 2016 Oscar winner, “Inside Out.” After he was fired from Apple AAPL 1.03% , Steve Jobs bought controlling interest in Pixar, and he learned first-hand from Catmull and Lasseter how to lead innovators. This experience paved the way for Jobs’ string of successes when he returned to Apple in 1997.

    • Minnesota Public Radio: Kerri Miller Friday Roundtable

      Published on April 1, 2016

      MPR News host Kerri Miller talks with Bill George, Senior Fellow at the Harvard Business School, and Washington University law professor Adam Rosenzweig about corporate tax inversions and why the issue seems to have taken a timid foothold in this year's presidential election.

    • CNBC: Valeant needs a dramatic change

      Published on March 21, 2016

      Bill George, Harvard Business School professor, former Medtronic CEO and CNBC Contributor, weighs in on the Valeant Pharmaceuticals leadership change and gives his pick for who should replace Michael Pearson as CEO.

    • Fortune: The Massive Difference between Negative and Positive Leadership

      Published on March 21, 2016

      Toxic leadership comes at a great cost. Such leaders create environments that bring out the worst in people and drag everyone down. Like malignant tumors, negative attitudes spread throughout organizations until everyone is playing “the blame game” and avoiding responsibility for the problems they create. Once this happens, organizations are on a path to self-destruction, creating in their wake enormous harm for employees and shareholders alike. At this point, the organization is no longer able to sustain itself and begins to unravel. That’s what happened to Sears, General Motors, Lehman Brothers, Kodak, and other victims of politics, cynicism, and short-term thinking.

    • BBC: Can the ‘my way or the highway’ attitude be coached out of the boss? Maybe so.

      Published on March 14, 2016

      They’re know-it-alls and braggarts. They rule with an iron fist. It’s their way, their idea, their direction – or nothing at all. No doubt we’ve all encountered a dictator boss, or one with so little humility, we’re really not sure they had any to begin with. Is there any way to tame these characters at the office? It’s a topic several LinkedIn Influencers weighed in on this week. Here’s what two of them had to say.

    • CNBC: Time for a shake-up at United Airlines

      Published on March 10, 2016

      During the past year I have been a consistent critic of activist investors seeking to take over or influence well-run companies including Apple, PepsiCo, Amgen, DuPont, Dow, eBay and Allergan. However, I have supported activists who have challenged moribund management teams backed by complacent boards of directors.

    • Fortune: Have Activist Investors Finally Lost Their Luster?

      Published on February 18, 2016

      Trust is the foundation of American capitalism. Many activist investors have damaged that faith. The media heaped adulation on activist investors. Bill Ackman graced the cover of Forbes with the moniker “Baby Buffett.” Nelson Peltz headlined big conferences. This article was originally published to on 2/18/16.

    • CNBC: Twitter is in 'very deep trouble': Pro

      Published on January 25, 2016

      William George, Sr. Fellow at Harvard Business School and Former Medtronic CEO, weighs in on the latest action coming from Twitter and their business strategies. This article was originally posted to on 01/25/16

    • CNBC: What CEOs Need to Ensure Companies' Success

      Published on January 21, 2016

      Former Medtronic CEO and CNBC Contributor Bill George says CEOs need to be adaptable in times of uncertainty and investors should place their bets based on company leadership.

    • 0703 | Becoming an Authentic Leader with Bill George

      Published on January 20, 2016

      Bill George is professor of management practice at Harvard Business School, where he has taught leadership since 2004. Mr. George is the former chairman and chief executive officer of Medtronic. He is the author of the new book, Discover Your True North, an updated version of his bestseller True North. In this interview, we discuss how to become an authentic leader.

    • America is in the Middle of a Philanthropic Revolution

      Published on January 18, 2016

      America’s philanthropists aren’t waiting any longer for politicians or businesses to solve the world’s most pressing problems. They are committing massive amounts of their own money to solve the most difficult challenges in health, education, job creation, and the environment.

    • Leadership Lessons from Martin Luther King, Jr.

      Published on January 16, 2016

      Bill George, a senior fellow at Harvard Business School and an expert on leadership, took time ahead of the holiday to reflect on Dr. King’s lasting legacy and to discuss his case “Martin Luther King, Jr.: A Young Minister Confronts the Challenges of Montgomery.”

    • Recognizing the Dangers of Groupthink

      Published on January 4, 2016

      In the classic Hans Christian Andersen story, everyone tells the Emperor what he wants to hear – that his new clothes are beautiful. No one wants to anger the Emperor, so they won’t tell him he’s wearing nothing. It isn’t until a child names the truth that the Emperor learns he’s been fooled by the weavers who were supposed to make him a special set of clothes.

    • Attune: The Role of Focus in Authentic Leadership

      Published on January 4, 2016

      Reading glasses work well when you’re reading a book, but don’t try to drive across town wearing them. To do that, you need glasses that can change focus. The same is true with leadership. You need a different kind of focus to manage yourself, others, and the greater systems around you.

    • Coaching For Leaders: Episode 225

      Published on January 4, 2016

      On today’s show, we learn how to discover your True North with Bill George, one of America’s most seasoned business leaders. Bill is a senior fellow at Harvard Business School and the former Chairman and CEO of Medtronic, the world’s leading medical technology company.

    • Fortune: Dow-DuPont Raises Even More Concerns America Is Abandoning Corporate Research

      Published on December 14, 2015

      Unfortunately, that’s the very nature of research: despite efforts to accelerate innovation, basic research takes as long as ever because of the thoroughness, rigorous testing, and extended time required for commercialization. Consider the human genome. It was first sequenced during Bill Clinton’s presidency. Fifteen years later, biopharma companies are still working on early applications.

    • Delta Sky Mag: Leading Through Giving

      Published on December 16, 2015

      From a young age I have understood the importance of giving. My father and mother instilled in me the practice of giving tithes, and I have stuck with that practice my entire life. Both of my parents were very involved in giving back – from local charities and organizations to the United Way and Rotary Club.

    • Understanding personal stories that matter — not just the facts of your life — can help you succeed

      Published on December 14, 2015

      If you work in corporate America, you probably have a polished and well-rehearsed story you tell about yourself. Maybe it’s not Oprah Winfrey’s rags-to-riches tale; indeed, it may not seem to you like much of a story at all. But if you’ve written your LinkedIn profile or rehearsed an elevator pitch, you have at least begun to shape your experiences and attributes into story form.

    • Becoming a More Authentic Leader

      Published on December 14, 2015

      Now, more so than ever before, leaders MUST be authentic. It is becoming increasingly easier for people (especially millennials) to identify who is an authentic leader and who isn't. Make sure you know how to lead those who follow you, genuinely.

    • You Won't Make It If You Fake It

      Published on December 8, 2015

      “Faking it” is the antithesis of authentic leadership. Following this advice is the most likely path to failure as a leader. You cannot act like a leader until you go through the hard steps of developing yourself from within.

    • 5 Ways to Develop Emotionally Intelligent Behavior

      Published on December 7, 2015

      An emotionally intelligent leader can monitor his or her moods through self-awareness, change them for the better through self-management, understand their impact through empathy, and act in ways that boost others’ moods through relationship management.

    • Faith & Leadership: Leaders must develop the qualities of the heart

      Published on December 4, 2015

      What people are looking for is someone who is real and authentic. People know who is authentic or not

    • Observer Culture: Warren Bennis Led by Example

      Published on December 2, 2015

      Warren Bennis was one of the great pioneers in the field of leadership. Small in physical stature, he was a giant in his intellect, his heart, and his spirit. Just as Peter Drucker was the father of management, Warren was the “father of leadership.”

    • Huffington Post: Vulnerability is Power

      Published on November 25, 2015

      Imagine a moment when you felt fully comfortable with others. You weren't guarding what you said. You weren't monitoring how others perceived you. And you shared life stories you rarely do.

    • Toronto Globe and Mail: Staying grounded is key to balancing life and leadership

      Published on November 24, 2015

      Successful leaders live complex and demanding lives. As the frequency of communication has intensified, the pace of business has increased.

    • What Does Authenticity Really Mean?

      Published on November 20, 2015

      Authenticity is a hot word in leadership discussions. The modern workplace is more informal and less hierarchical than in the past. Command-and-control management doesn’t fly withpeople hired for their creative brainpower. They want leaders who inspire them, and give them reasons for working beyond a paycheck.

    • Meditate This: Podcast - The "CEO" of Mindful Leadership

      Published on November 19, 2015

      Sure, he was the CEO of Medtronic and a senior executive at Honeywell and Litton Industries. And sure he sits on the Board of Directors for Exxon Mobil, the Mayo Clinic, and Goldman Sachs. And yes, he's a professor of Management Practice and a Henry B. Arthur Fellow of Ethics at Harvard Business School. But Bill George is no central casting idea of a "businessman."

    • TotalPicture Radio: The Importance of Emotional Intelligence, Diverse Leadership Teams, and Empowering People

      Published on November 19, 2015

      Don't expect the same Q&A with Bill George on other podcast interviews. We don't go by the talking points provided by the publisher. True North, originally based on first-person interviews with 125 leaders, became a must-read business classic when it was first introduced in 2007. Today, authenticity has become a key issue in the C-Suite, boardroom, in HR and recruiting initiatives, corporate communications, marketing campaigns, and of course, politics.

    • ManagerMojo: What is Your True North?

      Published on November 17, 2015

      The leaders of yester-year can’t be the leaders of today with the evolutionary and revolutionary move from the ‘Me’ generation to the ‘We’ generation. While today’s young leaders desire collaboration, transparency and engagement they thrive on working in a world of diversity and technology. They are inspired and excited to commit to causes and efforts greater than themselves.

    • 3 Lessons From One Of America's Great Culture Builders

      Published on November 16, 2015

      After building an extraordinary culture at Medtronic, George published his findings on the habits of Great business leadership in the 2007 book “True North,” which detailed how value-centered companies always outperform profit-centered organizations. Without question, it is one of the greatest reads on this subject.

    • Churchmag: ‘Discover Your True North’ by Bill George [Saturday Morning Review]

      Published on November 16, 2015

      When True North came out in 2007, it became an instant classic on authentic leadership in business literature. Discover your True North is the updated version of that book that was just released. It’s still one of the best books on ethical and effective leadership available.

    • Minnesota Public Radio: Kerri Miller Friday Roundtable

      Published on November 13, 2015

      This week on the MPR Friday Roundtable, I had the privilege of speaking with other CEOs about diversity in the workplace, how to motivate workers and the role of vulnerability in leadership.

    • Harvard Business School: Authentic Leadership Rediscovered

      Published on November 10, 2015

      In the last 10 years, authenticity has become the gold standard of leadership. This is a sea change from 2003 when I wrote Authentic Leadership. Back then, many people asked what it meant to be authentic.

    • Huffington Post: Mindfulness Is Transforming Leadership

      Published on November 12, 2015

      How are leaders becoming mindful? One of the most popular ways to learn mindfulness is to attend a Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) course. Popularized by Jon Kabat-Zinn since the late 1970s, MBSR is built on ancient meditation practices. However, it wasn't until the last decade that the marriage of mindfulness and leadership became reality. In 2007 Chade-Meng Tan - Google employee #107 -- launched Google's meditation program. The program currently teaches 2,000 Googlers per year to meditate in order to become better leaders.

    • Catholic Business Journal: LEADERSHIP MATTERS: Recent Headlines and Finding Your True North

      Published on November 4, 2015

      Stanford business school professor Jeffrey Pfeffer would use these headlines as examples of how “the leadership industry has failed.” Prescriptions for leaders to be more truthful are at odds with what goes on in the real word. “The ability to lie can be very useful for getting ahead,” says Pfeffer. “Manipulation is a foundation for social power…in fact; there is a reciprocal relationship between power and lying.”

    • Huffington Post: The World's Most Innovative Company

      Published on November 2, 2015

      Two weeks ago I spent a day at the world's most innovative company: Google. It felt more like a college campus than a multi-billion dollar company. Yet behind the gyms, mindfulness classes, and gourmet free food, there are 20,000 engineers working furiously. Their goal: breakthrough products that transform the world.

    • Twin Cities Business: Masqueraded Leadership

      Published on October 30, 2015

      When I received an advance copy of Bill George’s latest book, Discover Your True North, I was interested to read it, since I know Bill George from attending many of the same business and social events over the years. Most recently, George and I were co-keynote speakers on the topic of best practices in corporate governance and ethics. But, to be perfectly candid, the idea of writing a book review about “another” business book written by a former CEO didn’t exactly flip my pancakes.

    • SmartBlogs: The Journey to Authentic Leadership

      Published on October 30, 2015

      When I graduated from college, I had the naive notion that the journey to leadership was a straight line to the top. I learned the hard way that leadership is not a singular destination but a marathon journey that progresses through many stages until you reach your peak. I was not alone. Of all the senior leaders we interviewed, none wound up where they thought they would. Former Vanguard CEO Jack Brennan believes that the worst thing people can do is to manage their careers with a career map: “The dissatisfied people I have known and those who experienced ethical or legal failures all had a clear career plan.”

    • Psychology Today: Overcoming the Loneliness of Leadership

      Published on October 30, 2015

      "If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together." – African Proverb. Who can you turn to when life gets tough? Who do you have… when you’re alone? Over the past 20 years, Americans have faced a crisis of community. As Robert Putnam documented in his famous book “Bowling Alone: America’s Declining Social Capital”, we’re spending less and less time with each other. As technology connects us, it changes the types of relationships we have. We have more “friends” than ever, but we lack the deep bonding we yearn for.

    • Amazon Book Review: Thomas M. Loarie

      Published on October 30, 2015

      “Walgreens is Waiting for Answers About Theranos” ... “Attention Shareholders: Beware of the Board” ... “Credit Suisse Settles ‘Dark Pool’ Case” ... These recent headlines in the Wall Street Journal highlight the on-going problem of leaders who have “gone south” and have taken their organizations with them. Stanford business school professor Jeffrey Pfeffer would use these as examples of how “the leadership industry has failed.” Prescriptions for leaders to be more truthful are at odds with what goes on in the real world.

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