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Washington Post Video Interview with Steve Pearlstein

I recently sat down with The Washington Post’s Steve Pearlstein for a conversation on the hard realities of leadership in crisis.  I’ve included a few bullet point highlights below, but encourage you to watch the brief interview.  I would greatly enjoy hearing your feedback.  Once again, my thanks to Steve Pearlstein and the Washington Post.

  • Intimacy is an important part of leadership – in the 21st century, leaders must connect directly and genuinely with others.
  • We need more leaders in the ever-growing, ever-evolving world economy.  That begins with those people currently at the forefront empowering those around them to take on greater responsibility.
  • CEOs have hidden behind PR departments for too long.  Press releases and canned speeches are no longer credible.  Today’s CEOs must get out there in person, and be real.
  • It’s important that leaders today show vulnerability in crisis.  We need to share our concerns, engender trust, and ask people for help so that we can move through a crisis as effectively as possible together.
  • At the end of the day, a leader’s integrity is his or her most important asset.