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CNBC: Medtronic CEO Omar Ishrak On Ramping Up Ventilator Production

Medtronic CEO Omar Ishrak on CNBC this morning made several key announcements & important points about ventilators:

  1. MDT progressing on steep ramp up of production of PB 980 (high end vent).
  2. MDT has developed a new allocation system to get ventilators to hospitals with greatest need.
  3. MDT working with Foxconn to build PB 560 (lower end vent) in Wisconsin.
  4. Tesla will produce vital component: solenoid valve (not assembling ventilators).
  5. Intel creating a remote monitoring system for experts to manage ventilator from central location.
  6. MDT working with other manufacturers in Asia to produce vents.
  7. DPA is helping MDT ensure supply sources.

Watch the full discussion here: