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Bill George

Harvard Business School Professor, former Medtronic CEO

Eark Bakken: Celebrating One Man’s Full Life

Here is the video of the Celebration of Life for Medtronic Founder, Earl Bakken. It is a wonderful tribute to an amazing man who worked for healing for his entire life.

My eulogy may be found at 1:02:00.

CNBC: CBS Has Talented People, But Not A High Quality Culture, Says Harvard’s Bill George

Bill George, former Medtronic chairman and CEO and current professor at Harvard Business School, joins ‘Squawk on the Street’ to discuss CBS after CEO Les Moonves, why the board was late to replace him and what Moonves could be seeing as exit compensation.

CBS has talented people, but not a high quality culture, says Harvard’s Bill George from CNBC.

This content was originally posted on on 9/10/18. 

CNBC: Be Like Jeff Bezos and Educate Shareholders to Not Care About Quarterly Profits: Expert

Bill George, former Medtronic CEO, and William Cohan, author of “Why Wall Street Matters,” debate whether it’s better for companies to report earnings twice or four times a year, after President Trump tweeted his support of biannual earnings.


Be like Jeff Bezos and educate shareholders to not care about quarterly profits: Expert from CNBC.

This content was originally posted on on 8/17/18.