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You're Only As Good As Who You Surround Yourself With 
By Peter Sims

One of the areas where I think Bill has extremely unique and strong insight has to do with how leaders, entrepreneurs (or anyone, for that matter) can proactively build support structures. This serves as the basis for his new book, True North Groups, coauthored with his longtime friend and coworker Doug Baker, who led HR at Medtronic, which is about how to create a great personal board of directors or tribe, along with all the norms, practices and feedback mechanisms to support your leadership (and life)... Read More

The Church of B-School
By Shelley DuBois

The class, developed by former Medtronic CEO and Harvard management professor Bill George, runs on the premise that groups of business-minded leaders can offer better leadership guidance than other networks, including family and friends. For this class, Harvard MBAs from different backgrounds are put into small groups where they complete coursework together and share deeply personal experiences... Read More

True North Groups: A Conversation With Bill George
Harvard Business Review
By Peter Sims

The leadership failures of the past decade are triggering a fundamental reassessment of leadership and leadership development. The command-and-control model so prevalent in the twentieth century has ceased to be effective because it fails to motivate people, particularly younger generations that don't respond well to hierarchical leadership. Command-and-control leaders are finding it difficult to motivate frontline employees and take advantage of their knowledge and wisdom. This is especially true in global organizations that require collaboration between people of many different cultures... Read More

The Power of Leadership Groups for Staying on Track
Harvard Working Knowledge
By Peter Sims

Bill George is best known as the former CEO of Medtronic, where the company's market cap grew from $1.1 billion to $60 billion during his tenure. Upon his retirement in 2002, Bill invented a new life and purpose (by making little bets, I might add shamelessly) to write and to teach.... Read More

True North Groups: Helping Leaders Find Their Way
American Management Association 

The leadership failures of the past decade have triggered a fundamental rethinking of both leadership and leadership development. The hierarchical model so prevalent in the 20th century no longer motivates people, particularly the younger generations.... Read More

Creating Your Own True North Group
By Dan Schwabel

I recently had the pleasure of connecting with Bill George, who is a professor of management practice at Harvard Business School, where he has taught leadership since 2004. He is the author of four best-selling books, including 7 Lessons for Leading in CrisisTrue NorthFinding Your True North, and Authentic Leadership. Mr. George is the former Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Medtronic. He currently serves as a director of ExxonMobil and Goldman Sachs, and also recently served on the boards of Novartis and Target Corporation. His latest book, True North Groups, written with Doug Baker, is out today! In this interview, Mr. George talks about what True North Groups are, how to select the right people to be part of them, why leaders need support groups, and much more... Read More

True North Groups Offer Approach to Developing Leaders

As these companies have expanded globally, they also have led the business world in the shift from hierarchical organizations to collaborative, horizontal ones. This is especially important with younger generations because the command-and-control model so prevalent in the 20th century has ceased to be effective. It fails to motivate front-line employees and take advantage of their knowledge and wisdom, especially in global organizations that require collaboration across different cultures... Read More
True North Groups at work for Georgia Tech undergrads
Beta Psi Foundation

With the start of the Fall Semester the undergraduate “True North” mentoring circles have started again.  This September marks the 4th mentoring circle where undergraduates and their Beta Psi alumnus mentor meet to discuss Brother Bill George’s 5th chapter in his book “True North.” ... Read More
Becoming a Collaborative Leader
M World from American Management Association

As businesses become increasingly global in their operations, their organizations are faced with the urgent need to develop large numbers of leaders who are effective at collaborating on a global scale, rather than traditional managers operating in hierarchical organizations... Read More
Stay True to Yourself
Investors Daily
By Steve Watkins

Plenty of leaders come off as phony when dealing with their people. Show you're an authentic leader who truly cares about staffers and the company, and you'll get your employees' best efforts... Read More
Leadership Development for the 21st Century
Public Management

Leadership failures over the past decade in business, government, and nonprofit organizations have left many people frustrated and angry with their leaders... Read More
Finding The True North
Ode Magazine

While some groups meet based on quickery interests or community projects, others form specifically to cultivate member self-awareness and human potential... Read More
Group Therapy for Executives 
Fortune Magazine 

In the past ten years there has been a dearth of corporate leadership -- as evidenced by the dot-com bust, the collapse of such companies as WorldCom and Enron, and the financial crisis. This period could be characterized as "leadership's lost decade." ... Read More
AMA Interview: Bill George on “True North Groups”
American Management Association 

AMA spoke to Bill George recently for an Edgewise podcast. The following is an edited version of that interview... Read More
LeadingBlog Review of True North Groups

You can’t do it alone. We often try to, imagining that we can see and know the things we need to know without the discerning eye of a outside point of view. Bill George and Doug Baker remind us in True North Groups... Read More
Executive Street Blog

CEOs who become acquainted with the power of peer advisory groups for themselves want to make it available to more executives in their organizations... Read More