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Harvard Business School Professor, former Medtronic CEO


HBSWK: Op-Ed: Why BlackRock CEO Larry Fink Is Not a Socialist

BlackRock CEO Larry Fink’s open letter to CEOs has reignited the “shareholders versus stakeholders” debate. Bill George says it’s actually not much of a debate: mission-driven, values-centered companies perform better. BlackRock CEO Larry Fink’s recent letter to all CEOs in the S&P 500 has reignited the never-ending debate of “shareholders versus stakeholders.” Titled “A Sense of Purpose,” Fink’s letter…

Washington Post: Dick’s Sporting Goods Took a Stand on Gun Sales — and Made a Big Statement

By Jena McGregor When Dick’s Sporting Goods CEO Edward W. Stack took a stance after the Parkland, Fla., school massacre, most of the attention was on what his retail chain would stop doing: It would no longer sell assault weapons, no longer sell high-capacity magazines and no longer sell guns to customers under age 21. But Stack’s statement also was notable for what he…

StarTribune: A Salute to the Mayo Clinic’s Retiring Servant-Leader

How Dr. John Noseworthy’s mission-focused approach can aid Minnesota’s world-class medical sector and other fields as well.  By Bill George and Richard Davis Minnesota has earned a national and global reputation for its leadership in health care, research, medical innovation and the biosciences. Minnesotans can take great pride in knowing that millions of people throughout…

Mass Device: Ex-Medtronic Chief George: CEOs Can Do More on Gun Control

Former Medtronic (NYSE:MDT) CEO William George said last week that the CEOs of corporate America can have a larger impact than the U.S. Congress when it comes to gun control. “All of Congress is afraid of the NRA, so I’m worried about getting something done there,” George told CNBC last week. “CEOs can do a lot more…

CNBC: Ex-CEO: Companies should take a stand on gun control — sell if you don’t like it

The best-run companies have leaders willing to take a stand on societal issues such as gun control, Bill George says. “This is what motives your employees,” the former Medtronic chief says. “This is what inspires your customers.” The best-run companies have leaders willing to take a stand on societal issues such as gun control, former Medtronic chairman…

With the World in Turmoil, Discover Serenity in Your True North

There is so much turmoil in the world these days that we wonder if we will ever get back to “normal.” Or have we forgotten what normal feels like? Here is my reality: The only thing we can change is ourselves, and how we respond to other people and events.

CNBC: Innovation is Key to Solving America’s Health-Care Problems

Innovation can solve many of our most pressing health-care problems by making the delivery system more efficient.
Breakthrough drugs can help treat disease, but prevention and better use of information can also go a long way.
Radical transformations can help keep Americans healthier outside of political solutions.